Magic Man – Heart Live!

This is a cover we did of Magic Man by Heart at a show in Nashville.
Hope you dig it. If you do, please “like” the video and share it! :-)

DeLana Stevens And The Beggar Saints CD Review by The Lowry Agency

A very cool review of the new record

DeLana Stevens And The Beggar Saints CD Review by The Lowry Agency

The Store is Up and Active!!

Excited to have everything setup now to let everyone check out our New Single “Forbidden” FOR FREE!! All you have to do is go to

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Also excited to have the new store up on this page and have our new Beggar Saints CD/download available, as well as the “Welcome To My World” CD/download.

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Peace On You!



July at Bohemian Grove!

This time every year, the conspiracy talk gets loud about Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California.

To get in the spirit, I uploaded a video of Bohemian Grove from our new album

“DeLana Stevens And The Beggar Saints”

Here is the link and hope you enjoy it! I would love to have you subscribe to my channel while you’re there, and if you like the video, you can “Like” it also! :-)

Peace On You!


“Not only does Stevens sing with an infectious lilt to her voice, her voice is unique and not the cookie cutter sound that you hear so much of. When she starts singing, you know who it is by her voice whether you recognize the song or not.”— Jolene Downs, About.Com


“A native of Basin, Wyoming, DeLana Stevens has a powerful style, reminiscent of Lucinda Williams. This, combined with the youthful wisdom of Fiona Apple and the grit of Ani DiFranco. The vocals here are magnificent and the lyrics compelling. And she’s backed by a strong, colorful band. This is music to fit many moods and would nicely compliment your next road trip, workout or dinner party.”— Christine Casoli, Nights and Weekends

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